Manufacturer: Vindum Engineering, Inc.

Model Number: VIPR-Series

Vindum VIPR-Series syringe pumps deliver unbeatable performance, flexibility, and pricing. Using our 40+ years of high-pressure laboratory pump design experience, we have created a syringe pump that offers unmatched accuracy and versatility, has many control options, is extremely durable, and is priced below other similar pumps.

Compared to our VP-Series pumps, the VIPR pumps offer larger cylinder volumes and higher pumping rates, with nearly negligible difference in pumping accuracy. Although larger than the VP-Series pumps, the VIPR pumps are a compact design that requires little space and is easy to move. When fitted with Vindum's patented automated valves, two VIPR pumps can be easily coupled to provide pulse-free continuous flow of fluids and liquified gases.

Features include:

  • High-accuracy constant-pressure and constant-rate modes
  • Vindum VPware included with purchase (works with any Windows 7+ PC)
  • Dual ball screw drive for unbeatable longevity
  • High-precision transducer included (0.1% error)
  • Innovative cylinder wash system included
  • Visible interior with two drip trays help prevent damage from leaks
  • O-ring piston seals for pumping liquified gases, such as CO2
  • Accessory temperature-control jacket for cooling/heating the cylinder
  • Multiple control options, including mA or Vdc analog in/out
  • Easily converted to continuous flow (requires 2 pumps with Vindum valves)
  • Simple control interface, with most settings on one screen
  • Available with Hastelloy wetted parts (for pumping corrosive fluids)

VIPR Pump Applications:

  • Experiments with liquified gases, such as CO2 research
  • Energy research (core flooding or PVT experiments)
  • Chemical dosing or additive injection
  • Any research requiring precise high-pressure fluid pumping

Categories: VIPR Syringe Pumps: High-Accuracy, High-Pressure, and Highly-Flexible

Design & features of Vindum VIPR-Series Syringe Pumps

  • Single motor, dual ball screw drive system for smaller size and enhanced durability
  • Designed for pumping liquified gases, eg, CO2
  • Connect two VIPR pumps for continuous, pulse-free, pumping
  • Planetary gearbox with zero hysteresis
  • On-board computer provides millisecond motor control and automatic valve actuation
  • High accuracy transducer (0.1% error) standard, for precise pressure control
  • Automated valves (option) expands pump capabilities (required for dual-pump operation)
  • Powerful VPware software, with graphing, ramping, and datalogging features
  • Integrated cylinder wash system is standard
  • Two drip trays contain any fluid leaks
  • Optional Hastelloy wetted parts allow pumping corrosive fluids
  • UHMW PE or Teflon piston seal options for better fluid compatibility
  • Many control options, including analog/digital inputs & outputs (0-10Vdc or 4-20mA)
  • Temperature-control jacket (option)
  • Universal power supply: 110-240V / 50-60Hz service
  • 2-Year Warranty included

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Specifications for VIPR Series Pump models are shown in the table below.  Click here to Download the PDF Document.

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The VIPR-Series pumps use the same VPware PC-based software as our VP-Series pumps, so a single PC running Windows 7 or later can control several VP-Series and VIPR-Series pumps simultaneously. When two VIPR pumps are paired, VPware allows continuous constant-rate or constant-pressure pumping, as if the pumps were a single dual-cylinder pump. For single VIPR pumps, VPware presents a simplified control screen that allows the user to conveniently set pumping parameters in one place. Of course, features such as real-time graphing, data logging, and multi-step programming (Scheduler) are available in VPware for VIPR pumps.

VPware, developed by Vindum Engineering, is included (free) with the purchase of any VP-Series or VIPR-Series pump. VPware is the most advanced pump-control software of its kind. It has an intuitive interface that is friendly to new pump users while offering capabilities to meet the demands of experienced operators. The combination of VPware and VP-Series or VIPR-Series pumps delivers excellent performance, extensive features, and ease-of-operation to meet any user’s requirements. We are also happy to add new features based on customer’s needs.

VPware: Loaded with features

  • Thirteen Pump Modes, , including pulse-free constant-pressure or constant-rate modes (deliver, receive, or bi-directional). Delta-Pressure and Recirculation (for core flood experiments) are also available.
  • Volume or Time Dispense: : Precise pumping by fluid volume or time.
  • Ramping Sequences: Build multi-step ramp sequences (ie, change pressure or rate as function of time or volume pumped) are easy to build and use.
  • Pressure or Rate Following: Pump #2 follows rate or pressure of Pump #1, either as percentage or differential. Run ramping sequence on Pump #1 and Pump #2 will track its rate or pressure path automatically.
  • Pump Group (Rate modes): Multiple pumps operate together to deliver/receive a combined fluid rate, with individual pump rates set as percentage or proportion of the total rate, or individual values.
  • Data acquisition module: External device with analog inputs and digital controls.

VPware: Informative & Intuitive

  • Intuitive pump configuration, operation, and status screens.
  • Graphs that are easy to create, save, and view in real-time.
  • Data log any/all pump parameters at up to 50 milliseconds intervals.
  • Create pump schedules (rate or pressure) quickly and easily.
  • Informative warning and error messages provide guidance and feedback.
  • Error analysis records pump commands and data for easy troubleshooting.
  • Control 16 pump simultaneously or run multiple VPware sessions concurrently.

Shown below are examples of the VPWare Main Screen, the Pump Configuration Screen, and the Pump Status Screen:

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Two VIPR pumps can be easily configured for continuous, pulse-free, pumping. Simply connect together the Vindum automated valves of each pump, connect the special cable between the two pumps, and configure the VPware software to "pair" the pumps. See the photos below showing a dual-VIPR pump setup.

Once paired, the VIPR pumps are able to pump fluids continually and pulse-free, in either constant-rate or constant-pressure modes. While one pump is pumping, the other pump fills and pressurizes to match the pressure of the other pump, just like the smaller VP-Series pumps. In this configuration two VIPR pumps can deliver fluid continuously for days or months without stopping.

This ability to operate VIPR pumps as paired or stand-alone pumps adds to the flexibility of these pumps and significantly expands their performance capabilities.

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The optional temperature-control jacket is used to circulate cooled or heated water around the cylinder of VIPR pumps to cool or stabilize the temperature of the pumped fluid. This is helpful when pumping liquefied gases, to cool the incoming fluid to help minimize phase changes. These jackets are available for all models of the VIPR-Series pumps. The jacket contains sealing O-rings at each end and is easily installed over the pump's cylinder. Heated/cooled water bath not included.

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Specifications for VIPR-Series pump models are shown in the table below.

Click here to Download the PDF Document.

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