Vindum Pumps and Valves


Vindum Engineering, Inc. manufactures high-pressure, high-accuracy, laboratory pumps and valves for a wide range of applications, including energy and biofuels research and additive injection in pilot plants. Our metering pumps and syringe pumps are used by research facilities and universities around the world and are known for their high-accuracy, durability, and continuous, pulse-free pumping capability. Our pumps and valves are built to handle viscous fluids, corrosive fluids, and liquified gases, at low and high temperatures.

We are proud to introduce our line of VIPR syringe pumps. These versatile pumps offer highly accurate pumping in constant-rate and constant-pressure modes, and can be easily paired for continuous, pulse-free pumping of fluids and liquified gases. These pumps offer the best performance at a lower price, combined with several control options and excellent product support.