• REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN (high pressure pumps):
    - Better Performance and Accuracy
    - Smaller Footprint
    - Less Expensive
    - Up to 12,000psi
    - 0.0001 ml/min up to 30 ml/min
  • Vindum Engineering carries a range of products that are especially designed for instructional or training labs. The hands-on application of these products provide valuable insight about the principles and relationships learned through classroom instruction. Each of these products are characterized by: 1) Cost effectiveness; 2) Robust construction; 3) Intuitive operation; 4) Manageable size; 5) Relatively fast results; 6) Accuracy of results
  • Innovative Design Saves Time & Money:
    Quickly build compact systems without
    mounting brackets
    - Valve has O-ring seal design
    (user-selectable O-ring material)
    - Hastelloy wetted parts
    - Rated to 12k psi and up to 350F
    - Quick delivery timing

We are a U.S. provider of innovative high pressure pumps, pulse-free metering pumps and valves for the petrochemical industry.